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Welcome To Bandaru Laxmi Thirupathi Reddy Memorial Charitable Trust

The trust is established in memory of a person who had been into social service for the last 50 Years actively responding to the social issues and cleverly managing them. His social life, the sacrifices he made for the people during his lifetime, the laurels he had won, his aims and objectives become a motive behind the establishment of a TRUST.

It is through this trust that the charitable and the benevolent actions of the person are ventilated. The beloved of this person make all efforts to keep him alive through this TRUST.

We are here with the very purpose of establishing a trust in memory of a person who had lived with the people for 50Years, helping them and extending his valuable services. We do not want the people to forget him and his revolutionary spirit which had ignited many to walk on the same path. Since his life is a history, we want to make it a topic of discussion. It shouldn’t fade away with time, instead, it should glow with time and should become a path for the others to walk on. Our trust wants to put his Aims and Ideals in lime light and also walk ahead with them. Our trust wants to help the depressed, the deprived and the deserved one. It always wants to extend the helping hand to the above said layers of the society so that they can compete and walk with the rest of the world.

Since there is no selfish motive behind the establishment of this trust we beg each and everyone to give morel support to us and do remember us in your daily worship, so that the trust does what is expected of it.
Objectives Of The TRUST
Child education

Women Welfare


Agriculture awareness

Rural development

Women And Children Labour
Welfare Programme

Environment Awareness

Legal Awareness Programme