Welcome To Bandaru Laxmi Thirupathi Reddy Memorial Charitable Trust

IN THR MEMORY OF Sri Bandaru Laxmi Thirupathi Reddy

The TRUST is established in memory of a person who had been into social service for the last 50 Years actively responding to the social issues and cleverly managing them. His social life, the sacrifices he made for the people during his lifetime, the laurels he had won, his aims and objectives become a motive behind the establishment of a TRUST.

The trust is regesterd under society regestration telangana state act 1350 fasli, Regestration number IV 12/2014

It is through this TRUST that the charitable and the benevolent actions of the person are ventilated. The beloved of this person make all efforts to keep him alive through this TRUST.

We are here with the very purpose of establishing a TRUST in memory of a person who had lived with the people for 50Years, helping them and extending his valuable services. We do not want the people to forget him and his revolutionary spirit which had ignited many to walk on the same path. Since his life is a history, we want to make it a topic of discussion. It shouldn’t fade away with time, instead, it should glow with time and should become a path for the others to walk on. Our TRUST wants to put his Aims and Ideals in lime light and also walk ahead with them. Our TRUST wants to help the depressed, the deprived and the deserved one. It always wants to extend the helping hand to the above said layers of the society so that they can compete and walk with the rest of the world.

Since there is no selfish motive behind the establishment of this TRUST we beg each and everyone to give morel support to us and do remember us in your daily worship, so that the TRUST does what is expected of it.

“SOCIAL SERVICE IS THE ESSENCE OF LIFE”, we inherited this inspiration from my father and we want to implement his motto, and make it a way of life, and, want his ideals to become a LIGHT-HOUSE. That’s why our TRUST is established.
Shri Bandaru Laxmi Thirupathi Reddy was born in 1924 at Thudukurthy Village of Nagarkurnool Mandal, Mahabubnagar District of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh, India. He was hardly 20 years old when he joined as a clerk for the Zamindhars. He remained a silent spectator of the atrocities of the Zamindhars. He had seen how the poor were tortured and suppressed. He had seen how the lands and the propertied of the poor were illegally seized. He had seen how these Zamindhars joined hands with the Razakars, who molested the innocent women in the villages. He could not tolerate these anti-social activities. He wanted to liberate these innocent people from the tormentors (Zamindhars and Razakars). After making up his mind to fight these tormentors, he had come out of his services and decided to fight them like a revolutionist.

He formed a revolutionary group with the youth of the suppressed villages and made separate groups and fought the tormentors. The then Nizam rulers banned them and declared them as anti-social elements. Despite this, the revolutionary spirit in him did not die but went ahead to fight against the anti-social elements (tormentors). The Nallamalla Forests of Achampet, Ambrabad and Srisailam had become the shelter in need for him and his followers. He starved for many days and sometimes he would not get place to hide. But still he did not give-up. He never yielded to the situations. Such a brave warrior he was.

The Nizam rule ended and the Democratic Government was formed. The attacks of the Razakars stopped but not completely. Unfortunately, that was not the end of troubles. With the help of the Razakars, the Deshmukhs started torturing and occupying the lands of the poor. Many acres of lands were illegally occupied by the Deshmukhs. The domination and the atrocities reached the peek. Four to five villages were subjected to such atrocities. Under such situations, he stood by the people and fought on behalf of them. His brave and benevolent deeds made him the sarpanch of Thudukurthy Village in 1954. He worked day and night for the people.

The famine struck the village and the starvation ruled the society. Being a fighter, he even fought the starvation. He became handy for the people. He created employment for them and supplied Red Jawar. He had taken care of peoples’ health. He had all the medicine in store for the people and supplied them in times of need. An epidemic broke out in the village and it was conjunctivitis. As we all know, it is a contagious disease which easily spreads. He was not afraid of it. He personally administered the eye drops to the victims on the panchayat office campus. During those days there was no drainage facility. He introduced such facility by having the stones put in shabby areas. In every corner of the village, he had had stone poles installed to which the kerosene lamps were hung. At 6pm daily he would have them lighted. This was a great achievement because, in those days electricity was confined to the towns and the cities. But in Thudukurthy he had given light to the people in the nights using lanterns.

Thudukurthy Village Panchayat was declared Ideal Grampanchayat thrice by the District Collector, Mahabubnagar. He had a pucca grampanchayat bungalow built on a very big premises. It had a hall, two rooms and beautiful garden. The temples of Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman were in ruins. He personally took the charge of renovating it and had it done beautifully. Highlighting point in this renovation was, there was no cement used in it. It was renovated only with the mixture of lime and sand. It still stands as an example for this generation and may be for the generations to come.

Inspite of his selfless service, he had to see the worst time of his life. He had become bankrupt and the debtors got his lands auctioned. The Deshmukhs who had grudge against him paid more to the debtors and usurped his lands. But he did not loose hope. He had fought against all odds patiently and bravely and won the lost lands in the very same court where he had first lost to the Deshmukhs. It took 20years for him to win back the lands. The same Deshmukhs had sold away 200acres of Govt lands (Indian Government acquired these lands under Land Ceiling Act 1973) which were meant for the poor. The right of the innocent was denied through this heinous act of the Deshmukhs. These lands which the Deshmukhs had occupied in the past were sold at higher cost. Unfortunately, this practice is still in vogue in the capital city (Hyderabad).

Later on, Shri Thirupathi Reddy entered other villages of Nagarkurnool taluka to bring about awareness in the people. He worked persistently for the same. He did not have any property left with him so that he could distribute it amount his children. He could not spend much on his children’s education. He had his daughters married of without giving much dowry. We all know taking dowry in those days was in practice and sometimes the weddings ended abruptly when the assured money was not given. He had to see a very bad day of his life when the Naxalites blasted his house in his village. It was all because of the Deshmukhs and their henchmen who had befriended and later on misguided the Naxalites to do so. He was not scared by anything and never looked back. He was very happy because his relatives and kith and Kin had great respect for him and for his ideals. They whole-heartedly supported and helped him.

Though he held high positions in social and political life, he could not acquire a house of his own. Knowing the needs of the people, solving the problems of the people and providing the primary amenities had become his motto till the end. He was such a great personality that he catered his services to the people irrespective of the political party they belonged to. Even today he, his activities and his developmental programs are fresh in the mind of the people.

His children never lamented on their father’s ideals and activities. They never felt that their future would be dark but always kept themselves busy in some activities or business. Today, their financial condition is good and their children are doing well at studies. Some of them have settled in good jobs. On this occasion they have decided to implement the ideals, aims and objectives of their father because they do not want these to end here. With the help of the enthusiastic youth who are zealous to fight the injustice, frauds, the TRUST wants to put an eye on those people who are either subjected to torture or suffering from different problems. It wants to help such people who are in desperate need and care.

This is why this TRUST has been established to keep Shri Thirupathi Reddy’s Ideals alive. We pray god to be with us and help us in running this TRUST with the help of like-minded people.

The TRUST does not expect its patrons to help it financially. The TRUST does not force its patrons for compulsory participation but it expects them to take part in its constructive programs by being in their own fields. For example, those who are in education fields are expected to impart free education to those that are declared qualified by the TRUST. Similarly, those who are in medical field, can serve the sick who are very poor. The TRUST whole-heartedly thank such people and will be always indebted to them. Similarly, those who are expert in agriculture field can spend some time with the farmers giving necessary counseling and some pieces of advice so that it can be of some help to the farmers. The TRUST will conduct some regional camps through which the farmers will be definitely benefited.

The TRUST welcomes those who are interested in taking part in the programs of the TRUST, want to become a part of the TRUST, join hands with the TRUST to take part in the constructive programs and social service. We request such people to contact us.