The Projects Taken Up By The Organization

The organization Bandaru Laxmi Thirupathi Reddy Memorial Charitable Trust was established with all dedicated social workers. The main intention of the organization is to promote the development activities in rural and urban slum areas and educate the innocent poor in health care, education, education of child labour , to Imporve the women literacy percentage in the district, implementation of child development programmes, eradicate the women atrocities in the district, to look after the welfare of disabled and provide education to children. The organization has selected mahaboobnagar district which is the most backward district in the state. During the year 2014-2015 the organization has implemented the following few programme for the development of the selected areas in the district.

The TRUST especially wants to work and stand by the orphans, creating opportunities to compete the rest of the world, make them live happily and reach the highest positions in their lives is the motto of this TRUST. We also welcome the donors and sponsors who want to extend a helping hand to such people. The TRUST will see to it that the contributions and donations given by them reached the deserved directly.
To generate interest in studies and concentrating on the dropouts who because of financial conditions could not pursue their education are taken care of. Giving them vocational training in interested trades and helping them to secure jobs and settle in their lives.
The Destitute, especially women, who have nothing to do and no way to earn their livelihood owing to poverty will be helped by the TRUST. The TRUST helps such women to take up the trades they are interested in and see to it that the government and the donors/sponsors help them to market their production without the interference of the mediators.
The TRUST will take of the sick who cannot afford treatment, the TRUST will conduct the health camps and provide the best treatment to the sick.
The TRUST conducts agriculture camps under the supervision of the experts who will guide the farmers with respect to farming and cropping and will give technical knowledge on the vocation. The TRUST will negotiate with the bankers and the agriculture officers about the subsidies. The TRUST will also council the farmers about the subsidies they will be given and how to make use of the subsidies to derive the benefits. With regards to the subsidies, it will also discuss with the agricultural officers to see to it that the subsidies reach the genuine farmers but not the unregistered one (benaami farmers).Under the head of the activity we have given training in horticulture, vermiculture, Cericulture and capacity building to small farmers in Mahoobnagar district rural Areas. We have selected 50 youth members below the age of 35 years, who are interested in farming agricultural development. Nearly 50 were benefited in this training.
Under the head of the activity we have organized five camps in different villages of Nagara Kurnool mandal to educate village people about sanitation, safe drinking water methods, need or women literacy, etc.
This programme is conducted by our society keeping the view to keep the health of child and mother before conducting this activity we have formed a mother committee and we have been linked this committee with Anganvadi teachers and with the local ANM and our team have been done the monitoring for a mother to have a regular checkup in the Hospital to have a good health. For every mother the hospital have issued the health card of ANC & PNC cases.
Under the head of this activity we have given conducted meeting and seminars on environment activities. We also involve nearby village environments to share their ideas. In the month of june 2015 we have gone to the colleges and high schools and conducted meeting to create awareness on environment at the end of the programme we have planted trees in road side areas of Nagarkurnool, Biginapally in Mahaboobnagar district. We have distributed the plants of different types and plantation was carried and made the progrmme success.
Under the head of this activity we have conductd legal aid camps for SC/ST women by arranging legal awareness camps. Lokadalath, family disputes, consumer distputes were solved during these programme. In Tandoor,,palan telkapally surrounding area in Mahoobunagar. and plantation was carried and made the progrmme success.
Under the head of this activity we have conducted yoga, meditation training for youth and school children in summer holidays to introduce yoga and make them healthy. We also conducted yoga and Meditation awareness camps at free of cost to weaker section people on chronic diseases like knee pain, backache, sodalities, etc. in Maboobnagar Dist.
The organizaion has conducted various sports in the nagarkurnool mandal to encourage the sports men and to grab the talent from them. in Maboobnagar Dist.